The single electronic payroll return system (DSN)

The single electronic payroll return system (“Déclaration Sociale Nominative”/ DSN) has been rolled out to replace payroll returns by automatically submitting payroll data on a monthly basis.
This is a legal obligation for private-sector employers.


Quality analysis of our incoming flows

As of January 2017, DSN phase 3 has been extended to cover all eligible businesses. CRPN is going through DSN phase 3 in its capacity as a supplementary retirement pension fund and recipient of your returns.

We have observed an improvement in the quality of incoming flows. If any anomalies are detected, you will continue to receive feedback at the contact email address that appears in your DSN file (please note that your control panel for 2018 does not include a “Compte-Rendu Métier – CRM” section (with a list of withholding rates).

No paper contribution returns will be sent

CRPN is in production as regards DSN phase 3. This means that we are using your DSN flows to calculate how much you owe. As a result, unless we find an anomaly, you will not be sent any paper returns for monthly or quarterly contributions.

Please remember that the following areas must be filled in accurately for each air crew member:

General case of an air crew member paying standard-rate contributions: :

  • block 78 “base assujettie” (liable basis) with code 41,
  • 3 blocks 81 “cotisations individuelles” (individual contributions) with codes 96 (retirement pension), 97 (insurance) and 98 (top-up) plugged into liable basis 41 and appearing under CRPN’s SIRET NUMBER (785 422 304 00291).

Special case of air crew members paying topped-up rate contributions (specific to certain groups, not to be confused with the “fonds de majoration” (top-up fund) which is compulsory for all members):

  • block 78 “base assujettie” (liable basis) with code 42,
  • 3 blocks 81 “cotisations individuelles” (individual contributions) with codes 96 (retirement pension), 97 (insurance) and 98 (top up) plugged into liable basis 42 and appearing under CRPN’s SIRET number (785 422 304 00291).

The current method of payment will continue with the DSN

No e-payment or SEPA direct debit is possible for CRPN. Only payments by bank transfer or, alternatively, by check, are authorized.

You will need to state your payment reference (bank transfer reference number or information appearing on the check) as follows:

  • Your third-party number (“numéro de tiers”), which we quote in all of our correspondence, or alternatively, your SIRET number,
  • The period for which you are paying.

Please remember that we must receive your contributions by the 25th of the month following the month or quarter on which they are based..

This means that SEPA transfers must be credited to CRPN’s account with a value date of the “25th” (the value date appearing on CRPN’s notice of credit is taken into account), and checks must be mailed to us before that date.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or for help in implementing the DSN.

Configuration and guidelines

It is important that your payroll system be configured for us to receive the data CRPN requires through the DSN system in order for your air crew members to accrue entitlements.

To help you set up these monthly reports, we have made the general guideline Comment déclarer pour la CRPNPAC available for download.

For any general questions about the DSN system or its rollout calendar, please check the online information on You will also find our guidelines at the same location.

If you have CRPN-specific questions, please use our contact form (re: DSN).

Frequently asked questions

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