CRPN’s COVID-19 program

CRPN has set up a special page (updated regularly) where you can find all of CRPN’s COVID-19 –related news for members and/or employers.


Prolongation du dispositif de soutien aux entreprises suite à l’épidémie de Covid-19 (Published on 05/26/21)

Le Conseil d’administration de la CRPN a décidé de prolonger jusqu’à fin 2023 le dispositif de soutien mis en place en 2020 et début 2021.



CRPN is continuing our Covid-19 assistance program for businesses (Published on 01/05/21)

CRPN’s Board of Directors has decided to continue the assistance program we set up in 2020 throughout the months of January through May 2021.



CRPN has extended its Covid-19 assistance program – (Published on le 11/23/20)

CRPN will be continuing throughout the 2nd half of 2020 to aid those businesses that may be unable to pay their contributions in full by their due date.



Partial employment for air crew members: model declarations – (Published on 08/11/20)

We have added some examples to our fact sheet on partial unemployment in order to make the rules for employer declarations somewhat easier to understand.



Updated partial-employment rules for air crew members – (Published on 07/23/20)

Our fact sheet on Covid-19-related partial employment for air crew members has been updated to reflect the new legal instruments that have been adopted.



Air france’s collective settlement agreement (“RCC”) – (Published on 07/16/20)

To be eligible for the collective settlement agreement (RCC), an air crew member must qualify to claim their CRPN retirement pension within the time frame allowed for by the RCC’s implementation agreement, regardless of the rules that apply to their claim.



Changes to our covid-19 assistance program – (Published on 07/10/20)

In order to take account of the financial difficulties which the Covid-19 epidemic is causing to Air transportation, Aerial work, and Testing and Receipt, CRPN’s Board of Directors has relaxed the rules for the assistance program that applies to the 1st half of 2020 and has adopted a new assistance measure for the 2nd half of 2020.



A message from our careers and benefits department – (Published on 06/09/20)


Sylvie Besson answers to your observations.



Have a specific question? Scan an submit it to us. – (Published on le 05/20/20)

Under the current circumstances, which have forced us to shut down our telephone reception service, the Careers and Benefits department asks that you write out any specific questions in letter form, and then scan and attach your letter to the contact form.



Retiring in the next 6 months? Need some questions answered? – (Published on 05/11/20)

Here in France, we are currently preparing for a very gradual end to lockdown that will not immediately allow CRPN to resume our telephone reception service and in-person appointments. As a result, our Careers and Benefits department is temporarily inviting air crew members who are planning to retire in the next 6 months but haven’t found answers to all of their questions on the private and public sections of our websites to set up a telephone appointment.



Statement from CRPNPAC’s chairman to our working and retired members – (Published on 04/29/20)

Rest assured that all of CRPNPAC, our teams, and our Board of Directors are here and will remain here to help you through this crisis, however long it lasts.



A resource center for help using essential online services – (Published on 04/06/20)

France’s digital inclusion providers, with the support of France’s Ministry of State for digital affairs, has set up a resource center that provides help using online services that are essential during the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis.



Applying online to claim your pension entitlements(Published on 03/31/20)

In these extraordinary times, in order to avoid any disruptions in processing your pension claim, please complete as much of your application as you can online through your personal account.



      Partial employment (better known under the former term “partial unemployment”) – (Published on 03/30/20)

      In light of the exceptional public health crisis which we are currently experiencing, our Oversight authority has accepted a proposal that was submitted to it by both sides of industry, allowing air crew members to qualify for partial employment (more often referred to under the former term “partial unemployment”).

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      CRPN continues to serve its members(Published on 03/25/20)

      Throughout the extraordinary public health crisis which we are currently experiencing, and in accordance with the instructions which the Director for Social Security has provided to France’s social protection institutions, you can rest assured that CRPN is doing its utmost to continue to serve our members, while also guaranteeing safe and healthy working conditions for our employees.

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        Only submit your documents to CRPN by email(Published on 03/20/20)

        Due to the extraordinary COVID-19 situation, which has severely disrupted the postal service, please only submit your documents and questions to CRPN by email.

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        Pension payments will continue as scheduled(Published on 03/18/20)

        Your pension payments will be made on the dates originally scheduled for 2020. Your pension payment for March will go through on Wednesday, April 1st.

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        Special measures(Published on 03/13/20)

        Need to contact CRPN? Due to the current extraordinary circumstances, CRPN has had to close down its telephone hotline as well as its in-person member reception.

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        CRPN’s coronavirus assistance program businesses(Published on 03/13/20)

        In order to take account of the financial difficulties which the COVID-19 Coronavirus epidemic has caused to Air transportation, Aerial work, and Testing and Receipt, CRPN’s Board of Directors has reached a special decision to aid businesses that may be unable to pay their contributions in full when they become payable.

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        Covid-19 : A special measure for air transportation businesses – (Published on 03/13/20)

        France’s Retirement Pension fund for Professional Air Crew in Civil Aviation (CRPNPAC) has adopted a special measure to support businesses in the airline industry.

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