Partial employment (better known under the former term “partial unemployment”)

In light of the exceptional public health crisis which we are currently experiencing, our Oversight authority has accepted a proposal that was submitted to it by both sides of industry, allowing air crew members to qualify for partial employment (more often referred to under the former term “partial unemployment”).

To ensure that members who are enrolled in this special temporary program retain all of their entitlements, CRPN’s Board of Directors has decided that their days off work while partially employed (due to COVID-19) will be credited to their account under the same rules as for an alternating work pattern.

How this program affects:

Air crew members

Days off work while in the partial employment program will not generate CRPN contributions, meaning that they will not be credited through employers’ payroll reports.
However, like days off work while on an alternating work pattern, these days off while partially employed can be credited free of charge at a later date, once periods and wages for 2020 have been credited in 2021.
This means that these days off work will be accrued as time in service and counted toward the member’s length of career which is used to assess their pension claim when they retire.

However, no CRPN pension payments will be made on the basis of these days in partial employment.


Partial-employment compensation is not liable to CRPN contributions. This means that there is no change to the contribution basis.
However, days of partial employment must be subtracted from the CRPN days which are entered in the employer’s payroll reports.

Our Employers – Collections department has drafted a more technical notice for employers and uploaded it to the Downloads/ Employer Documents/ Specific Topics section.