Key figures

Below is a numbers-based overview of CRPN programs.

Calculation components for 2023


Indices and ceiling for 2023

Corrected Wage Variation Index Pension Variation Index France’s monthly Social Security ceiling
37,0624 43,7952 3,666€

The Corrected Wage Variation Index is used to calculate hypothetical entitlements up to the date of a claim (included). Since January 1, 2013, this index is updated at the same time and rate as the Pension Variation Index, on the basis of the INSEE consumer price index.

CRPN contribution rates and salary ceilings

Funds Contribution rates Ceiling Value of the yearly ceiling in 2023
Retirement pension fund 23,43% 8 PSS (*) 351,936€
Insurance fund 0.10%
Insurance fund 1.08% 1 PSS (*) 43,992€

(*) times France’s social security ceiling (Plafond Sécurité Sociale)

Benefits for 2023

Basic top-up 8,798€
Supplement 1,319€

Maximum yearly amounts for a claim in 2023

Death insurance

Minimum Maximum Top-up per dependent child
131,976€ 527,904€ 43,992€


Key figures CRPN


CRPN scheme statistics

Below you will find the CRPN scheme’s statistical data as they appear in the summary management report for 2021.

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