Declaring days

Employers must declare to the CRPN the days of activity and inactivity of their air crew members.

Periods of activity

The periods that give rise to CRPN contributions are validated for a fee. These are periods of activity, but also periods of inactivity which entail maintenance of salary or insurance payments.

These periods are used for acquisition of the number of contributory periods necessary to the air crew member for settlement of his pension, and also to calculate the amount of his pension.

You must declare the days composing these periods via the DSN or the annual form to be sent if there is no DSN and must respect the counting rules established by the CRPN:

  • a complete month must be declared for 30 days, regardless of the number of calendar days in the month.
  • in case of incomplete month (arrival, departure or unpaid suspension of work), the number of days must be reduced.

Download the notice Tallying days CRPN.

This information must not be confused with the calendar days of the period of employment taken into account in calculating the Social Security cap (see our page “Calculate the applicable contributions/caps” ).


Periods of inactivity

You must also declare some periods of inactivity to enable them to be covered free of charge. These validations have an impact on the number of contributory years necessary for the air crew members to claim their entitlements.

The following are relevant here:

  • maternity leave,
  • adoption leave from 16 December 2021,
  • paternity leave,
  • unpaid inactivity linked to the alternating work-retirement program (alternating work-retirement program and the CRPN),
  • parental leave taken in the form of alternating work-retirement program
  • redeployment leave and mobility leave from 16 December 2021.

These periods are counted in calendar days and are validated by the CRPN on the basis of the information you send to us, through the annual declaration of periods of inactivity via the  employer account and the attestations of cessation of activity.

Within the framework of the procedure for the alternating work-retirement program, you must also send an annual schedule of alternating work-retirement of air crew members aged over 50 (see our notice on annual schedule of the alternating work-retirement program).


Focus on partial activity

Periods of partial activity enable acquisition of CRPN entitlements.

For the year 2020, the days of partial activity not contributed give rise to free validation. They must be declared in the employer account, through the online declaration of periods of inactivity for 2020.

From 2021, the periods of partial activity are considered as contributed periods and give rise to validation for a fee, even if they are not subject to contributions.

For periods of employment from 2021, the days of partial activity must not be deducted from the activity days declared.

Download the notice Partial activity of air crew members following the Covid-19 epidemic.