Paying contributions

The contributions due must be paid by employers using the applicable methods.

Payment periods


The periodicity of payments depends on the number of air crew members you employ:

Fewer than 10 air crew members More than 10 air crew members
Contributions are payable quarterly Contributions are payable monthly
Unless you request monthly payment


Payments must reach the CRPN no later than the 25th of the month following the period (month or quarter) to which they relate.

Payments which are not made within the specified period will be increased by late payment supplements, the rate of which is equal to that in force in the general Social Security scheme pursuant to Article D6527-71 of French transport code:

  • 5% applied to contributions which have not been paid by the due date,
  • increased by 0.2% of the amount of the contributions due per month or fraction of month from the due date.

Total or partial rebates of the late payment supplements may be granted on request.


The support system

In consideration of the continued financial difficulties encountered by Air Transport, Aviation Work and Testing/Acceptance following the Covid-19 Coronavirus epidemic, payment of employer contributions may be deferred, without late payment supplement, subject to payment of the employee contributions on their due dates, and save for the exceptions set out hereunder.

The employer’s contributions targeted concern the periods of employment from February 2020 (or 1st quarter 2020) to December 2023.

Payment must be made no later than 25 January 2024.


  • all employer contributions which have not been paid for the period of employment from 1st January to 31 December 2020 must be settled immediately if the air crew member leaves the company before 31 December 2023 (inclusion of 2020 entitlements conditional on payment in full of the contributions due for that period).
  • the employer contributions for the supplementary fund are due on their usual due dates for periods of employment from 1st January 2023 firstly, and companies are asked to pay all employer contributions not yet paid to the supplementary fund for the period 2020-2022 secondly.

This information is available in our notice on the support system.


Method of payment

Contributions must be paid by bank transfer to the CRPN account opened with Société Générale 122 avenue Charles de Gaulle 92522 Neuilly sur Seine cedex.

International Bank Account number (I.B.A.N.) FR76 3000 3039 0000 0673 4101 944

Bank Identifier Code (B.I.C.) SOGEFRPPXXX

In this case you must give your bank specific instructions so the SEPA transfer is credited “in full to the account of the CRPN no later than 25th (with the date recorded on the credit advice of the CRPN evidencing this).

It is also important that you indicate the references of the transaction (transfer reference) as follows:

  • your third party number (contact us for this if necessary),
  • the period concerned.

NB: remote payments or SEPA debits are not permitted, even if you declare your contributions via the individual social declaration (DSN).