Understanding your retirement pension

You are a pensioner. Here is a guide to help you better understand and manage your pension.

CRPN administers one of the French Social Security system’s supplementary retirement pension schemes. Along with your CRPN pension, you may also be awarded a CNAV (or Social Security) pension, or a pension from one of France’s other basic schemes.

Personal Benefits

Your CRPN pension can comprise three benefits: a pension, a top-up, and a child-related supplement.

Your pension

Your CRPN pension is calculated on the basis of your career earnings history. Your yearly earnings are indexed against the corrected wage variation index (IVSC), which in turn, as from January 1st, 2012, is indexed against the INSEE consumer price index excluding tobacco for all of France.

Your top-up

Your personal pension may be topped up on a temporary basis. For claims with an effective date on or after January 1st, 2012, a top-up will only apply if your pension is being paid with no rate reduction, and only once you have reached the age of full-rate entitlement for the year in which your pension became payable. Your pension will then be topped up until you reach statutory retirement age under the basic scheme, as determined by your birth year. This top-up is calculated on the basis of your number of pensionable years, which is capped at 25 and France’s Social Security ceiling.

The child-related supplement

If you have had or raised three or more children for 9 years, you will be eligible for a pension supplement.

Required documents to qualify for a child-related supplement:

  • For the member’s children: a birth certificate for each child.
  • For children other than the member’s children, who were raised by the member for 9 years during the period of contribution and before their 21st birthday: family benefits statements or notices of tax assessment over a period of at least 9 years during the period of contributions.

Make sure to save these documents.

No pension supplement will be paid if you have not submitted the required documentation.

To learn more about how your pension components are calculated, please refer to the following fact sheets:

Frequency of retirement benefit payments

The Board of directors has scheduled pension payments for between the 1st and the 10th of each month (except for December pension payments, which are scheduled for late December).

The provisional dates have been set for the 1st working day of each month, except for the month of December.

Provisional pension payment schedule

For 2024

Pension payment for Payment scheduled for
January February 1, 2024
February March 1, 2024
March April 2, 2024
April May 2, 2024
May June 3, 2024
June July 1, 2024
July August 1, 2024
August September 2, 2024
September October 1, 2024
October November 4, 2024
November December 2, 2024
December December 27, 2024

Pension withholdings

Compulsory social charges

CRPN pensions are liable to compulsory social charges.

For more information, please refer to our fact sheet entitled Compulsory pension withholdings.

Depending on your circumstances, you may qualify for an exemption from some or all compulsory social charges. If you reside in metropolitan France or one of France’s overseas Departments, we are in contact with the tax authorities, which notify us of any applicable exemptions on a yearly basis. For other pensioners, exemptions can only be applied once your qualifying circumstances have been appropriately documented (these are listed in the explanatory notes).

Any time you have a change in circumstances that can qualify you for an exemption, you will need to notify us of this in writing, attaching all required documentation.

Due to ongoing URSSAF oversight, we have strict rules to follow with regard to documentation of the exemptions we grant. This is why you will need to submit all of the required supporting documents.

Pay-as-you-earn income tax withholding

If you are a resident of Metropolitan France or one of France’s overseas Departments (not including Saint Martin and Saint Barthélémy), income tax will be withheld from your retirement pension under France’s new Pay-as-you-earn program.

CRPN has set up a “Check your income tax withholding rate” service that you can access through your personal account. There, you will find your most recent income tax withholding rate as well as a history of the rates provided each month by the French tax authorities (DGFIP).

The income tax withholding rate provided by DGFIP during a given month is applied to your pension for the following month..

CRPN will not withhold income tax from your retirement pension if the tax residence we have on file for you is in another country, in one of France’s overseas collectivities, Saint Martin (97), or Saint Barthélémy (97).

If you were and remain tax-exempt, nothing will change for you: the French tax authorities will send us a 0% income tax withholding rate for you and no tax will be withheld from your pension. Please check with the French tax authorities for more information : on www.prelevementalasource.gouv.fr. or on 0809 401 401,“unmarked” number (free service + cost of the call).

Income tax withholding under an international tax convention

If you are a pensioner residing outside of metropolitan France and France’s overseas Departments and liable to income tax withholding under an international tax convention, please refer to our fact sheet entitled Income tax withholding under an international tax convention.


If your earnings are subject to third-party or government garnishment, the tables used to calculate garnishment limits are available for download. CRPN pensions are subject to the same garnishment rules as wages.


Miscellaneous information

Your CRPN pension is a supplementary pension. You may additionally qualify for a pension from one of France’s basic schemes.

If you would like to check your retirement pension entitlements under France’s basic scheme, you can log into the Info Retraite website and download your career history statement (“relevé de carrière”) from your basic French scheme(s).

You can also: