Declaring contributions

Contributions must be declared by employers in DSN (or using forms for those who do not fall within this system).

The individual social declaration (DSN)

The individual social declaration (DSN) replaces the former social declarations by automating their transmission each month from pay data.

This is a legal obligation for you, which enables registration of the contributions due for each period.

NB: it does not enable payment of CRPN contributions via SEPA debit. The contributions must be paid at the same time as the declarations.

The accuracy of the information is based on the quality of configuration of your pay software and your consideration of the applicable legislation.

The CRPN expectations are described in our DSN general instructions file – How to declare for the CRPNPAC.

If an anomaly is detected, an email is sent to the contact address entered in the DSN form (NB: no employment report – CRM – on your dashboard at the moment).

If you have any questions, you can use our contact form.

Contributions forms

The contributions forms remain if you do not fall within the scope of DSN.

You must complete it with unnamed data, to enable us to register the contributions due over the period for all air crew members employed.

You must arrange payment of the contributions at the same time as sending these forms.

Reminder: Payments must reach the CRPN no later than the 25th of the month following the period (month or quarter) to which they relate.