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Copyright protections and links

All of the information or documents on this website, along with all items created for the website, are either CRPN property or are protected by usage, production, and reproduction rights.

The aforementioned items are further protected under copyright law. As a result, no license or any other right, except the right to view the available information, is conferred to any individual under intellectual property law.

Any total or partial reproduction or representation of the brands or logos appearing on the website, whether alone or incorporated into other items, without CRPN’s prior explicit consent, is prohibited and would result in user liability under articles L. 713-2 and L. 731-3 of the French Code of Intellectual Property.


Hypertext links

CRPN may not be held liable for the content of any websites which are accessible through hyperlinks on its own sites, or for any gathering or sharing of personal information, installation of cookies, or any other procedure conducted for these purposes.


Website user charter

In order to protect the identity and integrity of its website, CRPN reserves the right to ban any links that are not consistent with its purposes or could be detrimental to its image.

CRPN may not be held responsible for the content (editorials, illustrations, etc.) of the websites to which its own site links.

CRPN declines all responsibility with regard to links to its own website that may be created by other sites. The existence of these links does not infer CRPN’s acceptance thereof or CRPN’s approval of the other sites’ content.


Information on our website

CRPN and our teams endeavor to provide users with verified information and/or services that are up and running. However, we may not be held liable for any errors or omissions or for any downtime. As a result, the user acknowledges that s/he is fully responsible for his/her use of the information on our website. Please send any suggestions or comments in writing to the following address:

14 rue des Pyramides
CS 60322
75041 Paris Cedex 01


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