About CRPN

About CRPNPAC (France’s supplementary pension fund for professional air crew members in civil aviation)

In 1928 (law of March 30, 1928), at the request of France’s “civilian aviators,” the French government set up the Commercial Aviation Providence Fund (“Fonds de Prévoyance de l’Aéronautique Commerciale”) in order to aid air accident victims or their beneficiaries: widows, children, or dependent parents. This fund was administered by France’s Caisse des Dépôts.

In 1951, a law was enacted (on April 27, 1951), followed by an initial application decree (on January 7, 1952), which created CRPNPAC.

Since then, six new decrees (January 5, 1963, June 18, 1984, June 30, 1995, May 27, 2005, November 10, 2011, and December 31, 2012) have resulted in significant changes to CRPN’s rules.

CRPN is regulated by articles L6526-5 through 7 and L6527-1 through 10 of the French Transportation Code and articles L426-4 and L426-5, R424-2 through 7, and R426-1 through 428-1 of the French code of civil aviation.

It falls within the scope of the regulations regarding the application of social security schemes to salaried workers and their family who travel within the European Union.

CRPN is a private non-profit corporation with a public-interest purpose.

Founding documents

CRPN is a supplementary pension fund regulated by documents including:

  • The French Transportation Code and Code of Civil Aviation: for the rules and the institution itself,
  • The CRPN statutes: to define its purpose, setup, and powers.

CRPN specifics