I am an employee

About CRPN membership

I am a professional air crew member. How and in what capacity do I join CRPN?

Where to get pension information

You can view your notice of notional entitlements (“notification de droits théoriques”) and your career history statement (“relevé de...

Provident fund coverage

A member’s death in an air accident while on duty, as well as permanent unfitness for work with attributability, entitle beneficiaries to lump-sum...

Accruing CRPN entitlements

You can accrue entitlements under the CRPN scheme based both on your periods of employment and on periods off work.

Social welfare benefits

Are you encountering financial difficulties? CRPN’s social programs can help.

If you have periods of unemployment

Periods of unemployment as an air crew member can generate entitlements under the CRPN scheme.

Survivor’s and orphan’s pensions

A non-retired member’s death can entitle their beneficiaries to a pension.

Putting together and submitting your CRPN pension application

Put together your CRPN pension application and make sure to submit it on time.

In case of permanent unfitness for work

Only permanent unfitness for work pronounced by the Civil Aviation Medical Council (CMAC) has an impact on CRPN entitlements. Temporary unfitness for...