Registering a new member

If you employ or are planning to employ salaried air crew staff, you will need to submit a pre-hiring declaration (“Déclaration Préalable à l’Embauche”/ DPAE).
If this is your first time, you will need to be registered and join our retirement pension fund.

Registration and membership

To register and join, please send us a written request listing the date(s) of hire for the air crew member(s) you are planning to employ.

We will send you back a registration and membership application which you will need to complete and submit in order to finalize your enrollment with CRPN.

The pre-hiring declaration (“déclaration préalable à l’embauche”/DPAE)

This paperwork is obligatory and must be completed before any air crew employment can begin.

It is a prerequisite in order for your air crew staff to be covered for aviation risks, including any air traffic accident.

Consequences if no DPAE is submitted

For the air crew member or their beneficiaries: CRPN will not be able to pay the air crew member or their beneficiaries any of the benefits normally awarded by the scheme, including in the event of an air traffic accident.

For the employer: CRPN will be able to assume the member’s rights and hold the delinquent employer liable by suing them for damages.

How to submit your declaration

Important: the pre-hiring declaration you submit to URSSAF is separate from the one you are required to submit to CRPN. This means that submitting one does not excuse you from submitting the other.

We recommend that you enter your CRPN pre-hiring declarations (DPAE) through your personal account, following the instructions for entering a DPAE online.

You can also submit your DPAEs by mail or email using the CRPN form.

Voluntary enrollment for air crew members

Salaried professional air crew members in civil aviation who habitually perform air crew member duties as their main occupation and are employed in a country other than France by a non-French company can enroll at that company’s request or, alternatively, at their own request.
Please send us a written request if you wish to voluntarily enroll your air crew members.
We will send you back a voluntary enrollment application to complete, which will be subject to the approval of the CRPN Chair.

Frequently asked questions

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