I am a pensioner

Understanding your retirement pension

You are a pensioner. Here is a guide to help you better understand and manage your pension.

Resuming work post-retirement

You are a pensioner and consider resuming work post-retirement.

If you have periods of unemployment

Periods of unemployment as an air crew member can generate entitlements under the CRPN scheme.

CRPN’s social welfare programs

Are you encountering financial difficulties? CRPN’s social programs can help.

Survivor’s and orphan’s pensions

A pensioner’s death terminates payment of their pension and can entitle their beneficiaries to a pension.

Your income tax return

Your CRPN pension is liable to French income tax

Applying for temporary emergency aid (ATE)

Temporary emergency aid (Aide Temporaire Exceptionnelle/ ATE) is awarded to qualifying members upon receipt and review of their application.