Update to your PAS rate

The rate of deduction at source is communicated by the Tax Authority (DGFIP) to the CRPN every month, and is taken into account in the pension of the following month.

Thus, the PAS rate sent in September will be taken into account in the October pension, paid on 2 November.

As a reminder, if you live in Mainland France or in the DOM (excluding Saint Martin and Saint Barthélémy), your pension is subject to income tax Deduction at Source (PAS).

How to view your rate

  • In your  CRPN personal account,
  • On your tax notice for 2021 income,
  • In your personal space on the portal gouv.fr.
In your CRPN personal account, section Deduction at Source

You will find:

  • The last rate of Deduction at Source (PAS) communicated by the DGFIP,
  • A history showing the rates sent monthly,
  • A summary of the PAS deductions taken from your pension.

If you have any questions about PAS, the CRPN asks you to consult its FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) in the section “Deduction at Source (PAS)”.

For any questions about income tax and the PAS rate, the DGFIP is your sole point of contact. The CRPN is not authorised to change the rate communicated by the tax authority.