Effective January 1st, 2020, CRPN pensions increase by 0.7563%

The rules for CRPN pension increases are set forth by article R. 426-16-2 of the French Code of Civil Aviation:


CRPN pensions are uprated on January 1st of every year.

How increases are calculated

On January 1st of year N, CRPN pensions are uprated by the percentage variation in the Insee (National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies) Consumer Price Index (CPI) excluding tobacco for all of France, between November of year N-1 and November of year N-2.

The Board of Directors has decided to state the pension increase rate out to 4 decimal places:

On January 1st,2020: % variation CPI Nov. 2019/ CPI Nov. 2018 = 103.92/103.14 = 0.7563%

In practical terms

When they are claimed, pensions are calculated using the Corrected Wage Variation Index (“IVSC”) and subsequently uprated using another index, the Pension Variation Index (“IVP”).

The Pension Variation Index (IVP) is weighted each year using the pension increase rate, which appears above:

Pension Variation Index (IVP) for 2019 = 39.7642

Pension Variation Index (IVP) for 2020 = 39.7642 X 1,007563 = 40.0649