Coming soon, a new service for employers to report periods off work

CRPN will shortly be offering employers a new service that they can use to report periods off work in 2020.

In 2020, the exceptional public health crisis caused CRPN to change its rules (articles R. 426-13 and 14) to incorporate Partial Unemployment or Long-Term Partial Employment so that these periods off work can be credited free of charge as time in service to members’ careers. A special informational guide has been drawn up on this topic.

To credit these periods off work (maternity/paternity leave, alternating work patterns), employers will be asked to report them directly online.

How does this work?

Log in to your employer account

  • Using your login (“numéro de tiers”) and password,
  • If you do not have an online account or have forgotten your password, please go ahead and fill out the registration form which you will find here. You will then be sent a personal code by our Employers/ Collections department.

How to access the “Reporting periods off work” service

The new service will be available through your online account dashboard. Make sure you go through all of the key steps that are required in order for the periods off work you are reporting to be correctly registered.

An informational guide will soon be available to provide specifications for your file uploads.

All employers will receive email notification once the service comes online.