CRPN continues to serve its members

Throughout the extraordinary public health crisis which we are currently experiencing, and in accordance with the instructions which the Director for Social Security has provided to France’s social protection institutions, you can rest assured that CRPN is doing its utmost to continue to serve our members, while also guaranteeing safe and healthy working conditions for our employees.

To keep our members from experiencing a break in income, we have safeguarded:

  • The payment of retirement pensions for March, which will be made on the scheduled date (April 1st, 2020),
  • Pension claims submitted over the past few months, in order to ensure that new pensions are slated for payment in a timely manner assuming that applications were submitted by the applicable deadlines.
  • The processing of new pension claim applications which are submitted to us. To help us achieve this, it is important that you submit your claims online by logging in to your personal account and going to the Online requests and applications section.
  • If you are applying as a member’s beneficiary, it is important that you submit the required documentation (beginning with the member’s death certificate), along with your application to claim a survivor’s pension, by way of our contact form.

We will also be staying in touch and keeping you updated:

  • Please stop by CRPN’s website on a regular basis, particularly our news section which we will be updating with any new information that we need to share with you. Indeed, our website is the best way for CRPN to communicate with our members and pensioners.

Below are excerpts from a public service announcement by France’s secretary of State in charge of retirement pensions: CORONAVIRUS/ PAYMENT OF RETIREMENT PENSIONS

“Your retirement pension fund will be applying the government’s measures to reduce personal contact and travel to the lowest possible level.

In spite of the epidemic, pension-related work will go on: applications will continue to be processed and retirement pensions will continue to be paid on the regularly scheduled dates.

We ask that you submit any requests, applications or paperwork electronically:

  • By using your personal account and checking your retirement fund’s website,
  • By not contacting your fund by standard mail or telephone.

If you are applying to claim your retirement pension or have questions, please use our online help service “My retirement pension application” and apply to claim your pension through your personal account (“My retirement account”). Please submit as many documents as you can electronically to help expedite the processing of your application. Indeed, all in-person reception services have had to close for the foreseeable future.

Thank you for your attention and support under these extraordinary circumstances.”