Applying for a survivor’s pension from all schemes combined

To help you deal with the paperwork that comes after the death of your spouse or ex-spouse, France’s retirement pension funds have put together an online service: “Apply for my survivor’s pension”

This service is an easy, practical, and secure way to submit a single application to all of France’s retirement pension schemes through which you may be eligible for a survivor’s pension

How to apply for a survivor’s pension through the online service

  • Sign in using FranceConnect to log in to your retirement pension account,
  • One you have logged in, go to the Apply for my survivor’s pension service,
  • Check and enter the required information, make sure to add the supporting documents that are required by the retirement pension funds in order to process your application, then confirm your application to submit it to the retirement pension schemes for processing,
  • Once you have submitted your application, you can check its status at any time by using the online tracking service.

You can still choose to apply for your survivor’s pension by letter to each individual retirement pension fund.

Who can apply for a survivor’s pension?

The online Apply for my survivor’s pension service is designed only for members whose spouse or ex-spouse through marriage has died. Adult orphans whose parents have died can also use this service.

To learn more, please click here to watch an explanatory video.