Do not confuse proof of tax residency with the certificate of existence (Shared Verification of Existence or “MCE” program)

Are you a pensioner residing abroad? This year, you may receive two different requests: a request for proof of tax residency and a request for a certificate of existence. Your certificate of existence will be shared with all of France’s retirement pension schemes.



CRPN has just mailed out a request for proof of tax residency to our pensioners residing abroad who were already exempted from compulsory withholdings in 2020 so that their exemption can be continued through 2021.

If you have not received this request and are a tax resident of another country, you can send CRPN your proof of tax residency, either by standard mail or by using the contact form when you log in to your personal account (CONTACT CRPN button).

Please do not confuse this letter from CRPN on exemption from compulsory withholdings with the proof of existence (through the Shared Verification of Existence or “MCE” program) which must be submitted according to the rules below: 



As we announced last year, France’s retirement pension schemes have set up a Shared Verification of Existence (“MCE”) program for pensioners residing abroad (please refer to the informational guide on this topic here).

You are now only required to prove your existence once (and only once) a year in order to continue drawing all of your pensions.

You receive a letter

Either by standard mail, containing the document that needs to be filled out,

Or by email, asking you to log in to:

to learn about the Shared Verification of Existence (“MCE”) program and find your certificate of existence (of life).

The law requires you to send back:

  • Your certificate of existence (of life): you will need to have this document filled out and signed by the French consulate or by the recognized authorities (town hall or other authority) in your State of residence, and also sign it yourself.
  • In some cases, a certificate of marital status is also required.

To save time, you can also submit your documents online:

Access to this service is secure, your documents are sent immediately and you receive confirmation of receipt.

Once you have submitted your documentation electronically, it will be shared with all of the funds that you are drawing a pension from.

If you don’t have Internet access:

You can still submit your documents to the address below by standard mail:

Centre de traitement
Retraite à l’étranger
CS 13 999 ESVRES
37 321 TOURS CEDEX 9

Please do not submit your documents to CRPN

If your certificate of existence (of life) is not submitted, you will be notified of the suspension of your pension payments. As soon as you have submitted the correctly completed document, you will begin receiving your pension again along with any arrears.