CRPN changes to the CRPNPAC legislation

On 13 and 14 December 2021, two important texts were signed: a decree, expected by everyone, and a tripartite agreement, result of effective negotiations.

DECREE 2021-1637

Decree 2021-1637, signed on 13 December, just to cite the main modifications:

  • Ratifies the transitional scheme benefiting flight crew born before 1971 and liquidating their entitlements from the age of 55
    • You can view the notice “Conditions of liquidation of CRPN pension entitlements from 2022” here,
  • Introduces new periods valid for retirement, both of which can be validated free of charge or by buyback on the basis of previous annual salaries:
    • Periods of reclassification leave from 16/12/2021,
    • Periods of mobility leave from 16/12/2021,
  • Modifies the conditions of validation of a type of period of inactivity:
    • Periods of adoption leave which are added in point k) of Article R. 426-13 on maternity, and therefore can now be validated under the same conditions as maternity leave (free of charge or by buyback)

TRIPARTITE agreement between the State, French Polynesia and the CRPNPAC

The tripartite agreement, signed on 14 December by French Polynesia and the CRPNPAC [Civil Aviation Flight Crew Pension Fund], applicable as at 1st January 2021:

  • Recognises the obligation for flight crew of French Polynesia to affiliate to the CRPNPAC,
  • Enables full and entire application of the whole of the pension scheme to flight crew in French Polynesia, without distinction or restriction, by adapting the conditions of application of this scheme to the local specificities linked to the employment legislation and autonomous and separate social security law, notably:
    • The option for flight crew of French Polynesia made redundant on economic grounds, on expiry of a period of 2 years, subject to fulfilling the conditions of age (50) and years of pensionable service (20 years of pensionable service) on that date,
    • The validation against payment of any period of reduced activity within the framework of a job support scheme put in place by the government of French Polynesia during which flight crew received compensation for loss of salary.

You can consult the CRPM Press Release here.