If you like to travel, “Côté Hublot” will carry you away

Côté Hublot or “Window Seat” is the semiautobiographical story of a flight attendant’s daughter

Through her character, author Aude Ceccarelli recounts her experience as the child of airline workers. A life punctuated by flights and filled with suitcases, planes, airports, and changes of scenery.

Take a window seat and watch land, memories, and emotions go by from the 1980s up to today.

The airplane, the Boeing 747 in particular, is one of the story’s main characters, taking us back to an era when air travel was still a privilege.

“Côté Hublot”- Aude Ceccarelli – published by Editions Olizane 2020

212 pages – ISBN : 978-2-88086-494-1