The Temporary Increase

Under certain conditions, pensioners may benefit from a temporary increase. This benefit forms an integral part of the pension, throughout its duration of payment.

Conditions to receive the temporary increase

Eligibility to receive the increase depends on the conditions under which the entitlements were claimed (partially through the alternating work-retirement program or in its entirety). In the case of a claim in two parts through the alternating work-retirement program, the right to the increase is assessed on each of the two parts of entitlements. Thus, the following give eligibility for the increase:

  • claiming of entitlements at full rate,
  • exceptional claiming of entitlements without discount for permanent unfitness for work,
  • exceptional claiming of entitlements without discount at the end of unemployment entitlements,
  • claiming of entitlements without discount from the age of 60 if the member fulfils a condition of length of career (at least 20 annual payments for claims from 2020).

Start date and duration of payment of the increase

The temporary increase is paid no earlier than the reference age for claiming entitlements at full rate (which is 55 for entitlements claimed since 01/01/2021). It is paid until the legal retirement age of the basic scheme for your generation (currently 62).

The increase due will be automatically activated at the planned age, and will stop automatically on the day before the upper age limit. You do not need to do anything.

Calculating the temporary increase

The monthly increase varies according to the number of annual payments, within the limit of 25 and the Social Security cap:

Temporary increase = PSS monthly × 0.8% x Min(9000,TT)/ 360

PSS: Social Security cap
TT = Total Time validated in days against payment