We have begun crediting your 2019 employment to your career accounts

CRPN has begun crediting 2019 employment activity to our members’ career accounts. You can view your career history statement (“relevé de carrière”) and updated notice of entitlements when you log in to your personal account.

The information appearing on your career history statement (“relevé de carrière”) is compiled from the payroll reports submitted by your employers (DSN, DADS, annual records).

If your 2019 employment has been credited to your account

  • You can request any additional free credits,
  • Check your periods and earnings for completeness and accuracy. It is important that you check this information as it determines the amount that appears on your notice of entitlements,
  • If you need a correction to be made to your career history statement (“relevé de carrière”), ask your employer to notify CRPN of any required changes.
  • Any periods of employment in 2019 do not yet appear on your career history statement (“relevé de carrière”). They will be added shortly.

If 2019 has not yet been credited to your account, please be assured that we are doing everything we can to make this happen as soon as possible.