The Alpha chatbot is here for you

Alpha, virtual assistant of the CRPN, is available 24/7 to quickly answer your most common questions.

Created during the summer of 2019, it has been enhanced over time to appropriately answer your questions.

To activate its functionalities:

  • Click on the icon at the bottom right of each web page,
  • Choose your profile (Employee/Pensioner/Employer),
  • Enter one or more keywords to express your request in the free field “Ask your question”. You will then be offered a choice of three suggestions.

You have the option:

  • Of expanding the search “window”,
  • Of deleting your history.

If you can’t find an answer, you can:

and, of course, take a look in your personal account:

  • At the various services (the “Online application for liquidation” and its “Tracking”, the Retirement date analysis and pension simulation tools (accompanied by their tutorials)),
  • At the documents available for download in PDF format (Career record, Notification of entitlements, Pension book, Pension payment schedule, Tax attestation, etc.).