The talon or minimum pension

Members totally liquidating their entitlements may benefit, under certain conditions, from a minimum pension called the “talon”, before application of any discount.

Conditions for obtaining the talon

Upon total liquidation of entitlements, members are entitled to the talon if the following 2 conditions are fulfilled:

  • at least 9,000 contributory or purchased days (25 annuities) are achieved during your CRPN career (TO + TR), to be verified on your career record available in the personal account),
  • the amount of the entitlements calculated on the basis of your CRPN career, before application of any discount, is less than the talon calculated for the number of contributory days validated in your career.

Rules of allocation

If the two above conditions are fulfilled, the pension, before application of any discount, is calculated automatically at the talon. There is no need to submit an application to the CRPN.

Members partially liquidating their entitlements within the framework of temps alterné [alternate time] cannot claim the benefit of the talon for their pension paid within the framework of the temps alterné. Entitlement to the talon will be assessed at the time of total liquidation of entitlements.

Calculation of the amount of the talon

The gross monthly talon, before any discount, for liquidation in 2022, is equal to:

0.1907 x number of contributory days.