Your career will be updated by late August

We are currently processing employers’ payroll reports for 2019. We expect to have updated your career history statement (“relevé de carrière”) and notice of entitlements by late August 2020.

Once your employment for 2019 has been added to your account:

  • A new notification will be posted to your Employee section. You will want to check this on a regular basis.
  • Your updated career history statement (“relevé de carrière”) and notice of entitlements (“notification de droits”) will have been updated to the “CAREER” and “NOTICE OF ENTITLEMENTS” sections of your personal account.

Please take a look at the following:

  • Once your career has been updated, please check that your periods and earnings have been taken into account and are accurate. It is important that you check this information as this is what determines the amount of the entitlements that appear on your notice of pension entitlements,
  • For those who claimed your pension through the alternating work-retirement program and entered full retirement in 2019, your claim for the second portion of your entitlements will only go through once your employment time and earnings for 2019 have been credited to your career in August and you will receive a back pension payment.
  • Any periods of unemployment in 2019 will not appear on your career history statement (“relevé de carrière”) at this time. Indeed, these periods will only be taken into account when we have been paid contributions by Unédic, starting in September 2020.

How to stay in touch

  • Please keep your email address (your newest one, the one you use the most often) and your telephone number (preferably a mobile number) current. To update your information, just log in to your personal account and go to the Personal Information section.