Pension payments will continue as scheduled

During the current ongoing situation, pensions will continue to be paid by our Careers and Benefits department.

Your pension payments will be made on the dates originally scheduled for 2020. Your pension payment for March will go through on Wednesday, April 1st.

Despite the disruptions to the French postal system, CRPN’s case managers are doing their utmost to process pension claims and schedule new pensions for payment in a timely manner.

To keep in touch

Please check out our news section, which we will be updating regularly, along with the services available through your personal account and our Help and Contact section

Here is what you will find in your personal account:

  • Your personalized documents: pension statement, tax certificate, and certificate of pension entitlement,
  • Services under the Pension Schedule, Online Requests and Applications (claims, buybacks), Pay-as-you-Go Withholdings, and Personal information sections.

Make sure you update your personal information whenever there is a change to:

  • Your mailing address, e.g. if you move,
  • Your tax address (if you are a CRPN pensioner),
  • Your email address (the most recent one that you most often use),
  • Your telephone number (preferably a cell number).

Please only provide one email address and one phone number (preferably a cell number).