Pensioners: mini memo 2024

  • Increase

As at 1st January 2024, gross CRPN pensions were increased by 3.35%.


  • Pension payment schedule

The 2024 monthly pension payment schedule has been updated in your personal account. It is also available under the section “provisional pension payment schedule” of the page “Understanding your retirement pension.

If you are on the alternating work-retirement program (by the month or job-based), you can consult the schedule saved for you in your personal account, and the payment schedule which is found in the same section.


  • Social deductions on your pension

The rates of social deductions on pensions in 2024 are the same as those of 2023.

For further information, notably about the conditions of exemption, you can consult the notice Compulsory pensions withholdings in 2024.


  • Deduction at Source (PAS)

If you live in Mainland France or in the DOM (overseas départements) (excluding Saint Martin and Saint Barthélémy), your pension is subject to Deduction at Source (PAS) of income tax.

The PAS rates are communicated to the CRPN every month by the tax authority (DGFIP) and are taken into account in the pension of the next month. They can be viewed in your personal account in the section “Deduction at source”.

For further information about PAS, you can consult the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) / Pension questions / General questions in the section “Deduction at Source (PAS)”.


  • Withholding tax

If you are a pensioner living outside of Mainland France and the DOM, your pension may be subject to deduction of withholding tax. You can view the monthly income bands in the notice Tax withholdings.


  • Attachments on pensions

If your pension is the subject of an attachment of earnings, a third party notice, or a third party objection, etc., you can consult Articles R. 3252-2 and R. 3252-3 of the French Labour Code mentioning the 2024 scale and the definition of dependents for the calculation of the attachable share.


  • Documents evidencing your pension

Your monthly pension slip is online in your personal account at the same time as your pension is transferred to your bank account.

Your 2023 tax attestation will be online in your account during the month of February 2024.


  • Any questions…

contact form is available to you on the website. Please use it for your communications with us.