Recalculated withholdings for January through April 2019

As we announced in our news update dated January 7, 2020,, a small number of pensioners with special circumstances (e.g. enrolled in the alternating work-retirement program or whose top-up entitlement ended in 2019, etc.), had not yet received a reimbursement following the recalculation of their withholdings for January through April 2019.

These reimbursements take account of changes to the withholding rates sent by the French tax authority DGFIP to CRPN (including the creation of the median CSG withholding rate).

The last reimbursements generated by these recalculations are currently being issued.

For a small number of pensioners, the new changes made by DGFIP result in a reduction in their net pension entitlement. For these members, the recalculation for the months of January through April 2019 results in an overpayment which will be deducted from their January 2020 pension payment.

To calculate the amount of your back payment:

Back payment = (May pension payment – April pension payment) x 4 months(1)

This calculated amount needs to be prorated if you did not draw four full months of pension payments from January through April or if you drew partial pensions (e.g. if you were enrolled in the alternating work-retirement program on the partial-month basis).

(1) This rule does not take account of any other changes affecting your pension.