The disabled child’s pension

If certain requirements are met, children of any age with a disability that prevents them from earning a living can qualify for a pension after the member’s death.

To qualify, the child or their guardian will need to submit with the pension application:

  • Either a disability card (“carte d’invalidité”) or mobility inclusion card (“carte mobilité inclusion”/ CMI) or a notification from the Committee for the Rights and Self-dependency of Disabled Persons (CDAPH, formerly known as COTOREP) (or any document used by the French Social Security system to recognize disability or incapacity for work),
  • Either a certificate of entitlement to or award of a disability-, industrial accident-, or occupational illness pension issued by the French social security system,

the document certifying the date of onset of the disability. Otherwise, an additional document showing that date will need to be sent to CRPN.

  • And a medical certificate which states that the child has a permanent disability that prevents them from earning a living.

    Yearly requirements in order to continue pension payments:

    • For the first 5 years after the entitlement was made payable: a medical certificate(1) stating that the child has a permanent disability that prevents them from earning a living.
    • Beyond this 5-year period, a signed statement from the awardee or their guardian or legal representative certifying the awardee’s inability to earn a living.

    (1) The medical certificate required in the cases listed above is not necessary for children who have a documented permanent entitlement and have a disability severity rating of at least 80% (disabled adult’s allowance (“allocation adulte handicapé”/ AAH), caregiver’s allowance (“allocation compensatrice pour tierce personne”/ ACTP), Mobility Inclusion Card marked “invalidité” (disability).

    Make sure to notify CRPN of your child’s disability as soon as you can so it is taken into account when it comes time to award entitlements to your beneficiaries.