Track your pension claim through your online personal account

You can now track the status of your pension claim (whether you are claiming in full, through the alternating work-retirement program, or for the remainder of your entitlements upon leaving the alternating work-retirement program) when you log in to your personal account and go to our new “Track my claim” service.

You have applied to claim your pension entitlements, either through your personal account’s “Online requests and applications” service or in writing.

Once CRPN has entered your application into our system, a “Track your pension claim here” button will appear on the dashboard of your personal account. You will then have access to our, new 3-stepTrack my claim“service.

As a reminder, your application must reach CRPN by the last day of the month before your chosen pension effective date, whether you are claiming in full or submitting a partial claim through the alternating work-retirement program.

3-step tracking


Once your initial claim has been received, which is the 1st step in the pension claim process, your application status will be “Received” and the date of receipt will be displayed.

Our Careers and Benefits department:

  • will send you a complete pension application, which you can choose to return either all at once or as you receive the documents within a period of one year from your chosen pension effective date. If you have been officially recognized as permanently unfit for work, this period is extended to 2 years from the triggering event for your entitlement.
  • At the same time, you will be asked to log in to your personal account and go to the “Career” service to download and verify your career history statement (“relevé de carrière”), which you will need to date and sign and return along with your application. No changes can be made to your employment record once your entitlements have been claimed.

In progress

On receipt of your duly completed pension application form, our Careers and Benefits service will verify it.

The status of your claim then becomes “In progress“.


Once our pension board has approved your claim:

  • Your pension claim will then display as “Processed“,
  • And you will soon receive:
    • Your 1st pension payment by bank transfer,
    • Your certificate of pension entitlement (“titre de pension”),
    • Written confirmation of your claim.

The history of all your requests and applications (including postponements and your claim for all remaining entitlements) will be displayed.