Periods of employment for 2020 are currently being processed

CRPN has begun processing employment information for 2020 so that the resulting entitlements can be credited to members’ careers by this summer.

Employers with electronic payroll report (DSN) issues in 2020 will need to fill out a substitute 2020 days and wages report (credits to the member’s account on the basis of contributions).


File to be completed by employers with electronic payroll report (DSN) issues

Have a quality-related question regarding your electronic payroll reports (DSN)?

  • Feel free to email our Employers/ Collections department to ask whether the quality of your DSN is high enough for us to be able to recover your data for 2020.
  • As a reminder, our informational guides, including our ”CRPN reporting instructions”, are available for download to help you with your DSN-related software setup (Downloads/ Employer Documents section).