Unemployment: additional buyback proposal

If periods of unemployment have been credited to your CRPN account this year on the basis of or upon receipt of Unedic contributions, you can do a buyback to bring these credited periods up to the amount of the most recent earnings that were credited to your account.

If you are under 50

CRPN will post a buyback proposal along with a full set of explanations to the “Unemployment: additional buyback” section of your personal account.

The years in which you had periods of unemployment will be listed in the proposal (this can be downloaded in PDF format) along with the amounts payable if you go through with a buyback.

If you decide to do a buyback in 2020, CRPN will need to receive your payment:

  • By bank transfer: by December 30, 2021,
  • By check: by December 20, 2021.

Important reminders

  • The pension estimates that appear on your buyback proposal are listed for reference purposes only. The amount of your pension will only be finalized once you have claimed all of your entitlements,
  • If you drew unemployment benefits in 2021, you will need to send us your yearly certificate for your “Supplementary pension fund” which you will have received from the French unemployment office “Pôle Emploi,” in early 2022, so that your periods can be credited to your account in late 2022.
  • If the above service does not appear when you log in to your personal account, please use the contact form to contact us and find out why.

If you are 50-plus

If your pension entitlements have been claimed or your claim is currently in progress

CRPN will soon be sending you a buyback proposal: if you so choose, you can carry out an additional buyback to bring your credited periods of unemployment up to the full amount of the last salary that was credited to your account.

If your pension entitlements have not been claimed and you do not have a claim in progress.

You can request a buyback proposal during the period immediately prior to your date of full retirement, no more than six months prior to claiming all of your entitlements.