Crediting employment for 2020: impact of extending the employer’s contributions’ payment deadline

Every year, the entitlements that were accrued through employment during the previous year are credited to our members’ accounts. This means that periods and wages for 2020 should be added to our members’ career history records during the 2nd half of 2021.

However, entitlements can only be credited to our members’ accounts in full once CRPN has received both the employer’s and the employee’s share of all contributions due.

Exceptional public health crisis

An assistance program was rolled out for employers, allowing them to postpone payment of their employer’s contributions to a later date, the deadline for which has just been pushed back to January 25, 2024.

What this means for 2020 employment

2020 entitlements for members whose employers used the assistance program will only be credited to their accounts once all contributions for all air crew members who were employed during the fiscal year have been paid in full.

Guarantee if members leave their company

If air crew members leave their company before December 31, 2023, their employer is expected to pay these members’ employer’s contributions for 2020 immediately, so that CRPN can credit their periods and wages for 2020 to their careers and take these into account when the members claim their pension entitlements.