Some of you may have noticed that the CRPN has made an initial validation of 2020 entitlements in your career record. We remind you that validation of your 2020 entitlements is subject to payment of all contributions due (employee share and employer share), and the correct transmission of your data by the employer (periods of activity and inactivity).

As a reminder, in the exceptional context of the health crisis which has particularly affected the aviation sector, the CRPN has offered a support scheme to employers enabling them to postpone paying the employer’s share of the contribution until 25 January 2024.

You can see if your employer is affected by this scheme in the display of your career record in your personal account (“your employer is up-to-date with its contributions” or “your employer is covered by the scheme for deferred payment of contributions”).

We also remind you that the CRPN has updated its regulations to enable periods of partial activity in 2020 which were not subject to contributions to be included free of charge.

There are therefore two possible situations:

Your 2020 entitlements have been validated in your career record

Your employer is up-to-date with its contributions, and your career record is updated with:

  • The 2020 days of activity and salaries deriving from the social declarations sent by your employer,
  • And also the days of inactivity of 2020 not subject to contributions, subject to this declaration by your employer (partial activity, temps alterné [alternate time], maternity/paternity leave, parental leave on temps alterné).

Your data may be updated to take account of any declarations sent later.

Your 2020 entitlements have not been fully validated in your career record

If you can see that 2020 days and salaries have not been validated in your career record, there may be several reasons to explain this:

  • Your employer, or one of your employers, has opted for the scheme for deferred payment of contributions: your 2020 entitlements will only be shown in your career record after payment in full of the contributions of all flight crew employed over the financial year  (deadline set at 25 January 2024).

However, for flight crew liquidating their pension entitlements, the 2020 times and salaries will be included in the career record upon examination of your pension application.

  • You had no flight crew activity during the year 2020,
  • Discussions are underway with your employer and the CRPN pending confirmations for the validation of 2020 data,
  • The CRPN is awaiting payment by your employer of the balance of the contributions (outside of the scenario of the support scheme),
  • Your employer is the subject of court proceedings.