Not sure when to retire?

About to retire but not sure what effective date to choose for your CRPN pension?

Safeguard your entitlements by submitting an online CRPN pension claim on a precautionary basis (go to the Online requests and applications service when you log in to your personal account).

When you do this, CRPN can set a date and you will be guaranteed not to miss out on a single monthly pension payment.

Indeed, CRPN needs to receive your claim by the last day of the month prior to the effective date you have chosen for your pension (either a single claim for all entitlements, or a claim for the 2nd portion of your entitlements if you are enrolled in the alternating work-retirement program).

If you eventually decide to change your retirement date or to withdraw your claim, you will just need to notify us in writing.

To learn more, please refer to our fact sheet and to our step-to-step guide to claiming a CRPN retirement pension.