Did you notice a decrease to your net pension payment for January?

Like every year, your gross pension has been uprated. This increase as of January 2020 is a moderate one, +0.7563%. However, you will notice a decrease to your net pension for January, which will be paid in early February.

Why ?

To understand this decrease, you will need to:

  • Compare your pension statements for December 2019 and January 2020,
  • Find any differences in gross benefits (e.g. a top-up that no longer applies),
  • And identify any differences in social security, tax, or other withholdings.

Your pension statements are available through your personal account.

You will see that we receive your tax status and your pay-as-you-go income tax withholding rate from the French tax authority DGFIP. We use these to determine your social security withholdings as well as the amount of your pay-as-you-go income tax withholdings.