We are preparing to credit payroll information for 2020 to our members’ accounts

Like every year, we will soon begin processing the information we have received from our employers’ payroll reports in order to credit the entitlements that have been accrued to our members’ accounts.

We will begin tallying days and wages for 2020 in late January 2021.

We ask all employers who are not part of the electronic payroll report (“DSN”) system, or whose “DSN” reports contain configuration errors, to please email us their standardized yearly payroll report (DADS-U) for 2020 as soon as possible to dadsu@crpn.fr.

The file that we require employers to submit is available on our website under Downloads/ Employer Documents/ Electronic Payroll Report (DSN)/ Yearly report for submission if no DSN.

The above does not apply to public-sector employers, who will need to submit their yearly payroll report (DADS) for 2020 to us using net-entreprise.