I am an air crew member and also registered as president or director of an “SAS” or “SASU” company. Do I need to join CRPN?

  • Yes, if you are president or director of an “SAS” company with an employment contract for the “salaried employment” portion of your work.
  • No, if you are president or director of an “SAS” company without an employment contract, or of an “SASU” company. In this case, you will need to register with AGIRC/ARRCO.

The employer-employee relationship, one of the characterizing features of any employment contract, cannot be established for the President or Director General/ sole or majority shareholder of an SAS.

Without an employment contract, “employee” status, which is one of CRPN’s requirements for membership, cannot be established.

Unlike France’s General scheme and the AGIRC/ARRCO scheme, which treat people in these positions as employees if they are on the company payroll, CRPN has no legal instrument under which to do the same. This means that they cannot be CRPN members.

It should also be noted that, unlike other employees, people in these positions are not covered by the French unemployment insurance system due to their lack of an employment contract.