If I resume air crew employment with a company paying CRPN contributions after I have claimed my CRPN entitlements, will my pension go up?

Yes, as long as you haven’t claimed your basic pension (CNAV, MSA, or other scheme).

If you resume work post-retirement, you pension payments will be suspended. Your new employment will allow you to accrue new periods of employment and new wages to your account: these will be taken into account, effective January 1st of each year, toward your pension entitlements.

However, your pension will continue to be calculated according to the rules and factors that applied to your original claim: the claim and reference indices used for annual uprating (Corrected wage variation index and pension variation index), the French social security ceiling, and any applicable rate reduction and/or wage valuation rate for years other than your best 25 (please refer to our informational guide on Resuming work post-retirement).