CRPN has launched the english-language version of our website

Welcome to the English-language (EN) version of our website.

We have set this up to accommodate even more of our members.

Our website is your go-to location to find information and to contact us. So go ahead and click on English (En) at the top right of each page to view:

In the public section

  • Our scrolling banner,
  • Our topic-based pages,
  • Our Flash Questions,
  • Our news, with regular updates,
  • Our informational guides and forms (Downloads section),
  • Our Help and Contact section, according to your profile (Retiree, Employee, Employer), which will answer the most frequently asked questions.

You can also:

  • Do a keyword search using the magnifying glass (at the top right of each page)
  • Talk to the virtual assistant, Alpha, which appears at the bottom right of every page (French)
  • Browse our publications (Downloads section):
    • The flight crew handbook,
    • The Horizon newsletters (French),
    • The Activity Reports (French),
  • Check out our Step-by-step guide to your pension application.

Several profile-based services are available when you log in to your personal account:

  • Update personal information,
  • Employment record and Notice of pension Entitlements,
  • Retirement date and pension forecasting tools,
  • Online applications: pension claim (either in full or through the alternating work-retirement program), buybacks, contribution payments, and free credits,
  • Track your pension claim,
  • Pension payment schedule,
  • Pension statements,
  • Certificate of pension entitlement,
  • Tax certificates,
  • Pay-as-you-earn income tax deductions (PAS).

The services offered are regularly added to and improved. Once they have been finalized, they will be translated in full.

Need to set up a personal account?

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