Reporting periods off work in 2020, including partial employment in 2020, for free crediting to members’ accounts

CRPN is offering a new service that employers can use to report periods off work in 2020, including periods of partial employment in 2020, for free crediting to members’ accounts.

New service

This new “Reporting periods off work” service, which we announced in our May 3, 2021, news update, is now available through your employer account.

What is this service and what is it for?

Periods off work in 2020 that need to be reported through this service are as follows:

  • Partial employment,
  • Periods of maternity/ paternity leave,
  • Alternating work patterns,
  • Parental leave taken as an alternating work pattern

These periods will be credited free of charge with regard to length and will be added on to members’ careers once their periods of employment and wages for 2020 have been credited to their account.


Due to the exceptional ongoing public health crisis, CRPN changed its rules in 2020 in order to recognize partial employment and long-term partial employment and allow these periods to be credited with regard to length to members’ accounts. A special informational guide has been drawn up on this topic.

When do I use it and how?

The service is already up and running: employers can log in to their secure online account now and upload a file containing their air crew members’ periods off work in 2020.

File specifications are available here (the informational guide can also be accessed directly through your employer account).

If you forget your username or password, you will need to go here to fill out a registration form.